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Movement On The Ground

Movement On The Ground (MOTG) is a Dutch foundation established in 2015 by five independent business people and creatives who were touched by the refugee crisis and called to action. Motivated to change the game of humanitarian aid for refugees, Movement On The Ground made its mission to provide a dignified, sustainable and innovative response to the refugee crisis that involves and benefits both refugees and their host community. 


As a part of our mission, we practice the Camp to campUs philosophy. The core of this is about unlocking the talent and potential of refugees and including them in the running of our projects. We make them feel empowered and valuable. Together, we are working to improve their living conditions, maximise their skills and establish a warm connection to their host community in Greece. To realise this connection between the host and hosted communities, Camp to campUs aims to fully handover it’s philosophy and tools to both. Offering career opportunities to the host community, and purpose to the hosted community. 

Movement on the Ground founder
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